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Foscoe Fishing Company offers the most complete report of fly fishing conditions in western North carolina and Eastern Tennessee. Our professional reports are updated regularly with water flows, recommended flies and equipment, and special fishing tips for the most important fly-fishing destinations in Blue Ridge Mountains. Plan your next fishing trip knowing you’ll arrive without any surprises and discover some new fishing destinations in the area.

Updated Report

Hope everyone is catching fish, and is enjoying the still warm mid-day weather.  The Delayed Harvest streams are fishing better than a few weeks ago.  The colder mornings have kept some anglers off the streams so the fishing pressure has gone down, which has improved the fishing.  There was also a recent stocking in the Delayed Harvest streams so the fish are still fresh.  Small nymphs are working well in those sections.  You can get away with size 16-18 pheasant tails, prince nymphs, micro mayflies, etc.  Also midges will pick up fish.  Tennessee tailwaters’ South Holston and Watauga Rivers are fishing well.  There is plenty of wading avaliabilty.  Midges, Blue Winged Olive nymphs, micro mayflies, and other small nymphs all in the size 18-20 range are fishing well below a bigger lead size 14 nymph.  Call the shop if you want to book a trip or just want more info!  Thanks


It has been a while since we updated on this site and we apologize.  We are going to continue to keep this blog up to date as well as our facebook page.  The fishing has been great.  Delayed Harvest streams are fishing well throughout the area.  Small nymphs are doing best.  The Tennessee tailwaters (South Holston & Watauga) are fishing good as well.  Some floating and some wading are both good options right now.  The Watauga River in TN is generating a lot which means floating is the best option.  The South Holston has been allowing for wading in their schedule.  BWO dries, midges, and small nymphs are producing good numbers.  Give us a call at the shop for more info, Thanks!

Fishing Report early July

Fishing is still great. Delayed Harvest Regulations are not in effect, so many of the fish in the stocked streams are gone due to anglers catching and keeping. We always promote catch and release. That does not mean bad fishing though. We still have dozens of wild sections as well as catch and release only sections in our area. Dry/Dropper rigs in both of those sections are doing great. Dropping a nymph two feet or so below is catching many of our wild brooks, bows, and browns in our small streams. The Fishing in TN is still great as well. We are having very large sulphur hatches and are catching fish on sulphur dries and also midges. Stop by and see us or call to book a trip!

Fishing Report

Fishing has picked up and is in full swing. Tennessee is fishing great as we are making many trips to the South Holston and Watauga River. Sulphur hatches are coming off on the holston and the Watauga is producing well also. The small streams in our beautiful mountains are fishing well. The recent rain has left the streams at a perfect level. A dry/dropper rig is the best fit for the small streams. Picking up many fish on either the dry or the nymph is common. The Delayed Harvest Water are fishing well. Be sure to head out there and fish before the Delayed Harvest Regulations will end the first Saturday in June. Follow all regulations and promote catch and release!

Watauga Tailwater 3/27/12

Great day on the Watauga with Micky Swaim and John Pense!  Had some nice fish come to the boat and even some dry fly activity later in the day.  Hope to do it again!

Watauga Tailwater 3/12/12

Fishing started out pretty hot for the first part of day on the Watauga then tapered off a bit towards the afternoon but all of the fish caught were nice healthy fish!  There were a few caddis moving around and hopefully it wont be too long before the big hatch!  The usual midge and beatis bight was the ticket for the day.

Fishing Report 3/1/12

Spring is just around the corner in the High Country and if you haven’t had the opportunity to fish the mild winter we’ve had then its time to break out the gear! We are very excited about the upcoming season and we have stocked the shop with the latest and greatest gear of 2012 so be sure and come by to stock up!  Fishing has been great due to the warmer weather.  Locally the delayed harvest sections of the Watauga river have been fishing well and nice hatches of blue winged olives and midges have kept the fish and fisherman happy!  The tailwaters have also been fishing well and some nice fish have been caught on blue wings and caddis using dry and dropper rigs and the usual nymph rigs.  Come on up and take advantage of the great fishing the High Country has to offer and check out our facebook page for some great giveaways!

Local & TN Fishing Report

Local waters continue to fish well with the good water levels.  Afternoon thunderstorms have kept rivers flowing greatfor this time of year.  Nymph fishing continues to be good using a variety of stone-fly patterns ranging from size 8-16 as well as caddis larva patterns in the 12-16 range.  The usual searching patterns like pheasant tails and hares ears in sizes 12-18 should work as well. Even though there are not an abundance of aquatic bugs hatching this time of year there are always terrestrials floating down the river.

I watch beetles, grasshoppers, inchworms, spiders, caterpillars, bees, hornets, ants and many other terrestrials happen there way into the river everyday.  All of these are great food for trout through the summer.

The TN Tailwaters (Watauga, S.Holston), have been fishing well. Terrestrial patterns are working with thousands of June Bugs and Japanese beetles littering the river.  As well as many other non aquatic bugs. Nymph fishing has been good in the afternoons on the Watauga with small mayflies hatching in certain areas.  Midges are around throughout the day and will also catch fish.

The South Holston is finally generating again after some turbine work at the dam.  The low water wade fishing has been good using scud, midge and mayfly patterns in various sizes.  The sulfur mayfly hatch is in full swing on the upper part of the river and the dry-fly bite should be heating up right before and during high-water.  Make sure to have sulfur yellow mayfly patterns sizes 14-18 if you plan on heading to the river.

Good Luck, and  make sure to call and book a fishing trip if you are interested, 828-963-6556.

4/13/11 Fishing Report

Local fishing on the Delayed Harvest waters has been nothing shy of excellent!  Water levels are great and fish are responding well.  Attractor patterns such as egg patterns and san juans are good flies to have as well as smaller caddis patterns(soft hackles)  as well as standard nymph patterns(small flashback PT).

The tailwaters are just starting to crank up and fishing has been pretty good during the past couple of weeks!  On the Watauga, rainfall has increased flows and generation so fishing can be touch and go this month but look for larger numbers of caddis to appear at any time!  Fish have been caught on small soft hackles, blue wings, cranefly patterns, and midges in a variety of sizes and colors.

On the South Holston, look for greater periods of generation as well.  The bite on the upper section has been fairly steady with good numbers of fish boated during floats.  Fish are still responding well to midges in small sizes, black flies, craneflies, scuds, and the occasional good blue wing hatch.

March Tailwaters Fishing Report

Fished the Watauga river on Tuesday and the day started out well with higher than average flow and we ended up catching a few fish on nymph rigs.  Suddenly the fish catching came to a stop when the water flow increased rapidly and generation was underway.  This can put the fish down for a short while but it doesn’t mean that the fishing is over.  We let the fish settle in, and due to the off colored water we tied on a couple larger, brighter patterns and it wasn’t long before we had another fish on!  Finding the seams and softer water is the key to finding fish in periods of high water.  Adding plenty of weight will get the flies down and increase odds.  Don’t let high water days get you down- reconfigure your rigs and find the “protective” water and you’ll catch more fish!

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