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Local & TN Fishing Report

Local waters continue to fish well with the good water levels.  Afternoon thunderstorms have kept rivers flowing greatfor this time of year.  Nymph fishing continues to be good using a variety of stone-fly patterns ranging from size 8-16 as well as caddis larva patterns in the 12-16 range.  The usual searching patterns like pheasant tails and hares ears in sizes 12-18 should work as well. Even though there are not an abundance of aquatic bugs hatching this time of year there are always terrestrials floating down the river.

I watch beetles, grasshoppers, inchworms, spiders, caterpillars, bees, hornets, ants and many other terrestrials happen there way into the river everyday.  All of these are great food for trout through the summer.

The TN Tailwaters (Watauga, S.Holston), have been fishing well. Terrestrial patterns are working with thousands of June Bugs and Japanese beetles littering the river.  As well as many other non aquatic bugs. Nymph fishing has been good in the afternoons on the Watauga with small mayflies hatching in certain areas.  Midges are around throughout the day and will also catch fish.

The South Holston is finally generating again after some turbine work at the dam.  The low water wade fishing has been good using scud, midge and mayfly patterns in various sizes.  The sulfur mayfly hatch is in full swing on the upper part of the river and the dry-fly bite should be heating up right before and during high-water.  Make sure to have sulfur yellow mayfly patterns sizes 14-18 if you plan on heading to the river.

Good Luck, and  make sure to call and book a fishing trip if you are interested, 828-963-6556.


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