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Fly Fishing Classes

Orvis Fishing SchoolWhether you choose to pursue the art of fly fishing on small streams or big rivers, bass lakes or ocean flats, there’s an Orvis School to show you everything you need to know. Our schools are the oldest in the country and our instructors have the knowledge and experience to introduce you to this great pastime.

Under the watchful eyes of Orvis instructors you’ll learn:

  • Fly Casting techniques
  • Essential knots
  • How to choose your gear and tackle
  • Stream entomology – the science of insects
  • Proper fly selection
  • How to read water and currents
  • How to play, land, and safely release fish
  • Orvis Fly Fishing Guide (book)

School includes one, one 1/2, or two full days of instruction, all gear, and lunch each day. In order to be eligible for the class you must make a reservation at least two weeks in advance of the desired school date. Please call 828-963-6556 for additional info.

School Rates:

  • One Day: $250
  • One 1/2 Day: $400 (1/2 Day of Fishing on Second Day)
  • Two Days: $500 (Full Day of Fishing on Second Day)

Schools are scheduled by reservation and based on availability.

Fly Tying Classes

Fly TyingOne of the most basic and misunderstood traditions of fly fishing is the art of tying flies. Numerous fly shops all over the country provide trays and trays of all the latest patterns leaving the average angler asking himself why bother with tying my own. There are many answers to this question and probably one of the most important is the satisfaction one receives when he catches a fish with a fly he has tied himself. This fact alone will take your fly fishing passion to a new level of excitement and pleasure. Not to mention that you can save a good deal of money and create a higher quality fly.

At Foscoe Fishing Company we are offering fly tying classes for fishermen who want to take the next step in the sport. These classes will include expert instruction and all the materials and tools you will need to tie during the sessions. We will be focusing on material characteristics, uses, amounts, and proper applications. The first sessions will begin with some of the most basic patterns and once these have been mastered we will move on to more difficult flies. Our instructors tie a great deal and are well aware of techniques that can be used to offset complications many beginners encounter.

Times and Dates:

Please call to reserve a time.

Class Rate:

$50 per session* (all materials included)
*(reservations must be made 7 days in advance)


Visit our contact page for details.

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