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ExOfficio Outerwear

ExExOfficio is an outdoor and travel clothing company. Since 1987, they’ve been providing clothing solutions for outdoor & travel enthusiasts with a specialty in functionality. ExOfficio is dedicated to making clothing as adventurous as you.

In 1987, Rick Hemmerling and Joe Boldan attended a fishing trade show. They talked to fly fishermen who wouldn’t blink at dropping $1,000 for a rod and reel. These guys would pay $3,000 just to get to Christmas Island. Yet there wasn’t a shirt made to fit their needs. So Rick and Joe listened to what these fishermen wanted in a shirt. Before long, they introduced the Baja. The rest is history.

exofficio-gearIn their clothing, you’ll find some of the most advanced clothing technology around. Much of it has been introduced by ExOfficio, like indestructible buttons, built-in UV protection, and security-zip pockets. They’ve applied their expertise to match the perfect performance features to each specific piece, noted by the ExOfficio icons shown here. Which means you get exactly what you need for whatever you plan to do.

At ExOfficio, high performance apparel is an obsession. From built-in UV protection to bug repellent apparel, they are constantly striving for the perfect piece of clothing to accompany you on your next adventure. Whether it’s a trip to the coffee shop in their casual wicking-wear or an adventure around the globe in performance underwear, they’ve got you covered.

Visit the official ExOfficio website to check out the great products they have to offer.

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