New River Fly Fishing

Considered one of the oldest rivers in the world, second only to the Nile, the New River flows north from Watauga County.  The confluence of the North and South Forks in Ashe County transforms the New River into a larger, floatable river––giving anglers an opportunity to cast to large numbers of Smallmouth Bass in both North Carolina and Virginia.

The New River features a reciprocal agreement that allows Virginia or North Carolina state fishing license and permit holders to fish in a particular mainstream area. This area is located between the confluence of the North and South Forks of the New River in North Carolina (Alleghany County) downstream to the confluence of the New and Little Rivers in Virginia (Grayson County).

The river offers wonderful popper action during the summer, and exciting streamer action during the spring and fall. As with all natural flowing rivers, floats will be determined according to water levels and river conditions.

Holston Proper Fly Fishing

The Holston Proper is a smallmouth fishery that offers anglers year round opportunities. Spring, summer, and fall are the primary fishing seasons, but there are numerous respectable fishing days throughout the winter. It is one of the most varied smallmouth rivers you will ever cast a line on.

The Holston Proper offers everything from large limestone shoals to lengthy grass flats that give the fish many places to hide and ambush. At first sight, anglers are always surprised at the size of this water. With a number of sections nearing 200 yards in width, it is quite possibly one of the largest smallmouth rivers in the Southeast. Because of the limited access points on the Holston Proper, anglers should be prepared for an extended day of fishing.

Smallmouth trips down the Holston Proper offer great experiences for everyone from the beginner to the hard-core smallmouth angler.

Nolichucky River Fly Fishing

From its origin in North Carolina at the confluence of the Toe and Cane Rivers, the “Chucky”, as the locals call it, comes out of the rugged mountains into the quiet town of Erwin, Tennessee. Our trips begin from here and work their way down river towards Limestone, Tennessee. From the town of Erwin, the river changes character significantly. The Chucky goes from being a fast flowing narrow gorge to wider softer flowing water and continues toward the French Broad River and eventually into Douglas Lake.

The Nolichucky offers anglers the ability to encounter smallmouth, trout and the occasional musky that make their home in the gin clear waters of this great river. Seasons, weather and water levels dictate which section of the river your trip will be on. The Nolichucky will contend with any smallmouth bass river for its wonderful mountainous views and variety of fish.

  • Camera

    you’ll want proof of how big your catch is

  • Rain Jacket

    mountain weather is unpredictable

  • Sunscreen

    to ensure you don’t regret your day outdoors

  • Snacks

    only needed for half day trips

  • Water Bottle

    you need to stay hydrated

What Should I Bring With Me?

We take care of all your trip arrangements, but you’ll still need to bring some stuff with you.  If you don’t have some of these items, we will have most of them available to purchase in our retail store or you can buy them ahead of time at our online store.